Mamma Bear to 3 energetic loving boys.

My day consist of attending to three mammas boys who love running around and are always hungry. Being a boys mom is not easy and it can be a true challenge however it is oh so rewarding.

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Simply loving all things planner

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved using a planner and throughout the years have became more addicted then ever to anything planner. From simple planning, event planning, messy planning, fancy planning to memory planning I love it all.

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whats a life without a little crafting

I have loved crafting ever since I can remember. I started scrapbooking at the age of 8 and have loved anything that involves memory keeping. I love creating things that have meaning and are personalized.

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I am simply the girl who makes plans yet copes with the changes.

I am a mamma bear to three amazing boys ages 7, 6 and 4. Many of you may know me as Chic Planner Girl. I have been a planner addict and in the planner community for a few years and love it. I have been a  crafter for even longer and love sharing memories.

I have been wanting to start a page like this for a long time yet never seemed to find the right time nor courage to do it. However, my word for 2019 is courage and I decided it was time to take a leap and begin this journey.

The past few years have been a true rollercoaster and I thought what better way to tell my story than by sharing it here as well as inspiring others by simply being me.

Thank you for stopping by and for wanting to hear my story as well as supporting my journey.


Simply Addy

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